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Return and exchange policy

Warranty and exchange policy :

Return and exchange policy:

Warranty Policy:

1- All KOLOGYS electronic devices are guaranteed for at least one year, with the exception of accessories and accessories.

2- To benefit from the warranty services, please bring the original purchase invoice to match the serial number of the device and to ensure the validity of the warranty period.

Warranty Service Provider:

1- Product and quality assurance is provided by the agent or supplier, and the customer must communicate with them directly to obtain warranty and maintenance services in accordance with the laws and regulations.

2- Warranty and maintenance services provided by the agent or supplier are not considered the responsibility of KOLOGYS. This includes availability of spare parts, repair time and quality of service. The customer should communicate directly with the agent or supplier in the event of any complaint or claim.

3- To ensure the highest levels of service, KOLOGYS offers its own guarantee on some products, and the customer can contact us for details.

 General warranty provisions:

1- The repair time is (15) days, as a maximum, for faults covered by the warranty.

2- The warranty covers free repair or replacement service for spare parts in the event of a manufacturing defect. The guarantee does not mean replacing the product or recovering its value. The warranty service excludes faults resulting from:

• Misuse of the product or failure to comply with the instructions for use in the product manual or the instructions referred to in the Internet and digital pages when activating the device.

• Fractures, blows, or exposure of the device to external factors such as liquids, moisture or high temperature.

• Attempts to repair or maintenance operations by entities not approved by the agent or supplier, or the use of spare parts that are not approved by the Standards and Metrology Authority.

• Wipe operating system files, partitions from the hard disk, or malfunctions caused by viruses.

3- The customer may obtain an alternative commodity after paying the fair use value or recovering the purchase value after deducting the fair use value in the cases stipulated in the provisions for providing maintenance, providing spare parts and ensuring the quality of manufacture issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

4- The warranty service provider must transport the customer’s device free of charge from remote areas where warranty services are not available. The application of all general provisions of the warranty is the responsibility of the service provider.

5- The shelf life of each product varies, and the customer must review the product manual or communicate with the agent to find out about damage

 Free Delivery Service:

1- For the customer's convenience, KOLOGYS provides free delivery service to the warranty service provider for some products on behalf of the customer (for faults covered by the warranty). This service is not considered a process or a maintenance procedure.

2- The customer has the right to go to the warranty service provider to obtain the services directly despite the availability of free delivery service.

3- KOLOGYS provides contact information with the warranty service provider in addition to the repair order number so that the customer can follow up on the condition of the device or submit claims to the warranty service provider directly, and in all cases the full responsibility of the customer remains on the warranty service provider in accordance with the laws and regulations.

4- To benefit from the free delivery service, customers must go with their products to the after-sales services pages within the KOLOGYS website.

5- The delivery service takes a period of four to seven days as a maximum, and this period is not counted within the repair time.

6- The customer can contact us to find out about the products that are covered by the free delivery service. KOLOGYS has the right to stop the delivery service for some products without prior notice without breaching the general warranty provisions.

* It applies to faults covered by the product warranty and workmanship. Other faults outside of warranty may take a further period depending on the required parts.

* The fair use cost is calculated at 5% of the product value at the time of purchase for each month, starting from the date of purchase, with no more than 80% of the product value.

Immediate replacement of factory defective products:

• KOLOGYS Technology is committed to replacing a device with a manufacturing defect (non-software) within three (7) days from the date of purchase according to the following conditions:

1- The device should be free from scratches or misuse.

2- Bring the original box with all accessories and usage manuals inside.

3- It may be required to bring a report from the authorized maintenance agent before the replacement process.

For purchases via the website:

1- The return and exchange period is calculated from the date of receipt.